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Rev. Roland J. Wells, Jr.
Dr. Melissa Baartman Mork
Renata Mayrhofer
Rev. Dr. John Mayer
Dr. Ken Young
Norm Piatti
David Monroy
Michael Gmetro
faculty & faculty bios

faculty & Bios

Faculty plays a key role in helping you attain your career goals. At U4C we have made it a priority to have faculty that are not only in the top of their field, but also accessible inside and outside of the classroom. The faculty comes from the respective schools and/or are professionals serving in a specific area of expertise related to our curriculum. Their experience and perspective will be important as you continue your discernment process. The 10:1 student to faculty ratio also insures that you have personal contact with these qualified professionals. Central in the lives of our faculty is their faith. Our Christian professors will provide leadership not just professionally, but also spiritually as to what it means to be a Godly leader.

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